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Year ago today on October 19th 2012 at 6:13pm my life will take a new turn as I was given the biggest check ever. Today makes 1 year since I been in business & since I was given a loan from Richard Branson/ Larry/Lucy Page from google. 1 year later I sit and blog to you as an CEO of a business that has taken off on a very fast and big level.

I thank you the supporters who supported us in the 1st season and looking forward from your service in the future. Thanks for the love and helping me pay back my loan.
Service is what we sell on Sea It Clear. Your the reason why Sea It clear is number 3 on trip adviser and the reason why it can & can not be number 1. I love you all truly, as I sit and blog to you as a own of the Caribbean most active glass bottom boat & the worlds most known glass bottom boat I would just like to say thank.

love gumption

Keep Calm Its Sea It Clear 1st year Anniversary
Simple Gift, with Expensive meaning


Born in the city of New York & grew up on the island of Virgin Gorda. I had a dream & one day I met Sir Richard Branson & everything became a reality. Hi, I'm Gumption & welcome to my Blog Spot.