hurricaneJust 3 weeks to a month ago the Philippine was hurt in a very bad way with a hurricane.
Many lost they love ones along with they homes. It hurt my heart just to hear what’s going on over there.
they income are below wrong in this day and age.

The Philippine people are very hard working people like every other hard working people world wide.
In the Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda BVI I dose see some of the Philippine people going to work at 6am and not till 7pm in the night they will return. I know they in my hear they not getting paid in justice of how they should be paid.phill

Leaving they hometown because they want to help & do more for them families. Sometimes its not had, but you have to do what you have to do. Lots of really big Business world wide have they products made in the Philippine and still not being paid according.

gumption 6Sea It Clear Glass Bottom boat is just more than a boat or Business, but its run & own by a person who is very much human and just want to help if I can help in anyway I can. As of the 1st of December 1st to January 1st $10.00 from every person who book with us will go to the youths of the Philippine 100%. I truly think if people even small business can make that stand even if its just $0.25 for what ever you make, it will go a very long way for both you and your business.

One world, one earth, one human, one love, one heart is my religion of life. Love for all that have life and respect everyone. I was bless to have the support of Sir Richard Branson in every way I did get it and it change my life. I will repay the same favor by helping others in anyway I can with meaning full ways. ISPY (I Support Positive Youths) is a Nonprofit we have started and its 100% with the youths in mind.gumption_4
This is a very good time to support the youths in the Philippine who really need the help in anyway they can. Im asking you to please join us on this Adventure together in helping the youths, they need all the support they can get. I Know myself & Sea It Clear Glass Bottom boat is 100% on board the cause & no matter how rough the ocean might gets, I will not stop or give up

We got to make that change, be that change, be the mom’s & dad’s brother’s & sister’s for those without.
Come along on board, lets do it together and smile at the results later.gumption


Everyone should have a new start (End turtle season BVI)
Traveling for a worthy cause to Las Vegas for the Winter Leadership Retreat 18 dec to 23 dec 2013


Born in the city of New York & grew up on the island of Virgin Gorda. I had a dream & one day I met Sir Richard Branson & everything became a reality. Hi, I'm Gumption & welcome to my Blog Spot.