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As I was out yesterday the 14th of November doing a regular Glass Bottom Boat Tour I notice something a bit strange. I took my guest on regular spots where I been going for sometimes now to see the Turtles from the Glass Bottom Boat “However” I notice the Turtles were acting a bit strange & moving very wild, They made it very hard for me to slowly get the boat over them.

I wonder for sometimes why are they acting so wild & strange toady, I ponder for a few seconds and it hit me like big bang. The reason the Turtles are moving Acting strange & wild is because they too feel the Vibes that season for hunting them will be in effect in 15 days. Given the fish man all legal rights to catch turtles for food or to make Turtles shape craft that you the tourist that visit the BVI will later on buy.IMG_20131006_141904

What’s on the Menu in 15th days? come on you know the answer its the same turtles that you been swimming with where you were on vacation, the same turtles you photograph when it comes up for air, the same turtles you saw on Gumption Glass Bottom Boat Tours. We must take a stand, sometimes the people or government or both never really gets it till its a bit to late, Lets make this a reality & take a stand and just end turtles season, called up the National Park trust in the BVI along with the BVI Tourist Board don’t forget the minster in Government.

The Turtles have 15 days to make up they mind, 1 go over to the USVI (United States Virgin Islands) and be safe or 2 stay in the BVI and risk they lives 50 50. The only people who can really stop this is really the fisher man, if they know the truth and how the numbers are going down, but until then they will do what they have to do to provide for their family. facebook pic

15 days & counting like the last blog stated (Swim turtle Swim for the season for hunting is just 15 days away. Like & shear our face book page Save The Turtles BVI & HELP us on the mission.


Tennis for a good cause at the Necker Cup 2013
Everyone should have a new start (End turtle season BVI)


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