Author: Gumption


Everyone have a Dream, It matter to them & it matter their family. The goal is to wake up and put the puzzle together & try to make the dream a reality. Setting big dreams in not the problem, the problem will be setting dream that cant be realistic. Think out side the box, close your eyes for a few seconds, now open it. Go and make your dream a reality. Dream Big.


My 1st major interview with Sir Richard Branson & about 12 different medias on Necker Island on the 22nd of March 2013. The official lunching of Sea It Clear Glass Bottom Boat & The BVI Entrepreneurs Loan program where I’m the 1st person to have been given a loan to get my business going. Which is going so well that I has become the first member of the scheme to fully repay his loan. My life change forever after that.


Save the turtles BVI is 100% build with the little green friends in mind. I run a glass bottom boat in the BVI and make money off the ocean by do that. I have taken up a new adventure in Saving the beautiful turtles in the BVI (British Virgin Islands) and putting some of that same money back into the ocean. My goal is the golden pries is ending turtle season here in the BVI once & for all. You…

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