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1 Year ago today the 19th of October 2012 I would have been given a very large loan from Sir Richard Branson & From Google Founder Larry & wife Lucy Page. I would use the money to full fill my dream of owning a glass bottom boat. Today I blog to you as a C.E.O & founder of what has becomes the Caribbean most active glass bottom boat & the World most know Glass Bottom Boat. With the support of…


The life of an BVI entrepreneur is like a childhood cartoon, with a slim chance of being reality. But the reality is, It is an reality. Just one year ago, tomorrow will be 1 full year since I been in business & 1 years since I was given a loan from Richard Branson & Larry & Lucy Page of Google, (YES) very big names that everyone knows. I have spend the last year working day in & day out living…


Everyone have a Dream, It matter to them & it matter their family. The goal is to wake up and put the puzzle together & try to make the dream a reality. Setting big dreams in not the problem, the problem will be setting dream that cant be realistic. Think out side the box, close your eyes for a few seconds, now open it. Go and make your dream a reality. Dream Big.


(ISPY) I Support Positive Youths is 100% build with the youths in mind. Ispy is also a branch of Save The Turtles BVI. I think is just important to get the youths into positive movement that can have an impact on them lives. I support positive youths will be a never ending road for children are being born everyday. We are looking to do many positive action with in the BVI (British Virgin Islands) building self esteem & hope that…

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