Category: Save the Turtles


Save the turtles BVI is 100% build with the little green friends in mind. I run a glass bottom boat in the BVI and make money off the ocean by do that. I have taken up a new adventure in Saving the beautiful turtles in the BVI (British Virgin Islands) and putting some of that same money back into the ocean. My goal is the golden pries is ending turtle season here in the BVI once & for all. You…


I have been windsurfing for the last 15 years. I spend the 5 year competing in events. I recently stop competing in race and took up a new challenge. Windsurfing for dose that have cancer in any way sharp or form. I’m very passion about people and life its self & love to help in anyway I can help. If I’m bless with a skill & want to use that skills for good only. The last 5 years of racing…

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