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commitment (noun: commitment 1.the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc..”the company’s commitment to quality”synonyms: dedication, devotion, allegiance, loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, bond, adherence, attentiveness
“her commitment to her students continued undiminished”•a pledge or undertaking plural noun: commitments”I cannot make such a commitment at the moment”synonyms: vow, promise, pledge, oath; More covenant, contract, pact, deal, undertaking;
decision, resolution, resolve; guarantee, assurance, affirmation “he made a commitment to carry on his father’s work”
2. an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.”with so many business commitments time for recreation was limited”synonyms: responsibility, obligation, duty, tie, charge, liability, burden, pressure; undertaking, task, engagement, arrangement “he resigned because of the pressure of other commitments”

As of today 30th of October 2013 just 30 days before the BVI turtle season is open & given man the rights to catcher turtles will be in effect. Many people also made report about some of the same people who’s been catching turtles in the close season.
Sea It Clear Glass Bottom Boat will made a Commitment today 30th of October 2013 to have 1/4 of Sea It Clear money goes into the Save the Turtles Program along with my tips. There so much to be done, & known it have people with some local skills or in a position to help.
save the turtles website 2

Sea It Clear 100% Commit to ISPY (I Support Positive Youths) For its important I reach to them for this are still bit more easy to reach and being the future they just might be the ones to bring positive change in the British Virgin Islands. Have you ever swim with a turtle before? or been on a boat and see a turtle come up for air and retreat back down to deeps? Its one of the most beautiful moment ever.

Im going to do whatever it talks to have the people realize & agree its time we save the turtles, let them be around for the next generation after generation to see the beautiful Sea Turtles. For now, do visit our facebook page Save the turtles BVI (give us a like and shear with your friends/ While your there check out facebook I Support Positive Youths.
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For one person its bit tuff, but I have few good friends on board so happy to know im not alone.

Thank you
Gumption p.s its on us to make that change.

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