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Save the turtles BVI, Save the little green friends who cant speck in words for themselves “but” the expression on their face have a million words to say. Sea It Clear Glass Bottom Boat have 100% committed to protection of the Turtles that visit the BVI. We are a business & makes money from the ocean so I just though it was best to give back to the ocean in a positive way I can & I agree this is a very good way of given back.

November 30th the legal season for hunting turtles will be legal in effect & wount end till April 1st 2014. Its sad that in 2013 the British Virgin Islands still let man hunt turtles in the BVI. The turtles that they hunt & killed is the same turtles that is protected in the USA & other parts of the world where the Government have a bit more of a heart. Once the turtle you have fight and protect on the shore where protected leave that port and enter the BVI, is a 70% percent chance the turtle can be soup & the shell can be a gift for tourist.

Tourist that visit the Caribbean or where ever turtles are not protected should not by any craft that is made from turtles, We agree the shell after its clean and vanish looks really good and very temped to buy. If you keep buying craft and turtles shells from locals, they your telling them its ok to hunt turtles.

I will ask each & everyone of you to make a stand & stand up for the little green friends who cant speck words but have a million expression on they faces, and ill bet you my last dollar that none of the expression say’s hunt me, make me in to soup, make me into a craft that the tourist will buy.

Tourist that visit the BVI/ Caribbean should reach out the Tourist Board and keep telling & asking them to please support & end the hunting Sea Turtles. Keep telling them over & over & over, called on the phone, write e-mails or even the classic hand written letter/s.

I have meet a wonderful lady that have a different life to mine, but one thing we have in common is that we love Sea Turtles & doing our best to protect them. One of my pass guest who’s now a friend of mine has taken time out of her life/family & friends to build us a non-profit website called (Save The Turtles BVI) OR for short (STTBVI) The website is 100% being build for a cause with 100% with the Turtles in mind. The website will have it all, however it’s still in the making of and not 100% ready. Diana Mize of the USA is one of the kindness & loving person I meet as a guest of Sea It Clear & just feel in love with Gumption & the mission in protection the turtles.

Its takes all of us to make this happen. You can start by (LIKING & Shearing) our Save The Turtles BVI on facebook page with your family & friends. While your there make sure to tell Maureen hi & thanks, she’s a stranger from out of no where who has self willing taken over and maintaining the Save The Turtles Fcaebook page for the last 3-4 months. She’s a wonderful person with a wonderful heart, I know I don’t give her enough thank you for her willingness “but” I love her with all my heart.

The turtles need our help, so lets all play a roll and help protect the turtles & end turtles season in the BVI so that the children of tomorrow can see them in there life time.

Save The Turtles BVI


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