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This morning started off like all my regular mornings. Wake up, given thanks for life & health, family & friends. Some really good reggae music & I shower and what’s not before leaving for work. After I got to my boat over in Gun Creek I was mopping the glass off the Glass Bottom Boat that I own and 1st notice a sting ray just sitting under the boat. As I keep mopping I saw what was from the 1st sighting a baby turtle swimming under the turtle

I act fast to get him because it could not get from under the boat to get any air. The current of the water & the wind was just bit to rough for the little guy. When I 1st took him you could have seen in his/her face that they had a really rough start and just need a little brake. I took the little turtle and place it in a cooler of water and had he/she with me all morning and till about 4pm toady. I took the little turtle to more still and clean water where I let it go with some youths I meet at the Bitter End yacht Club playing on the turtles 4

baby turtles 1I placed the little turtles on the sand and with the next wave to the beach it will go with it as a restart to have another chance in having a life and making it to adult hood. The youths & I were very happy to see the litter guy swim on and hoping he/she makes it and have baby turtles one day.
Around 5:12pm today I back to where I 1st started, dock up the boat and cleaning up for tomorrow, Right when I was going to tie the bow line for the boat I notice another litter turtle, and this time in was in oil and again act fast to get him and wash him/her off with some water. After doing that I realize the current of the water is heavy and with the winds all of most of the Baby turtles that was born early the morning before or after sunrise was being push in the land where there is noting but dirty & oily water.

baby turtlesI will then spend an hour walking in dirty, oily and taken a risk in being stab in my feet by glass or a crab or whatever just trying to see if I can find and more turtles, Wow 1 after another found 7 more within the hour adding to the 1 that I found from after 5pm today making it 8 turtles. I took the 8 turtles and place some clear sea water in the cooler and brought them to my house for the night & tomorrow give the little ones a restart to start over and hope to make it right this time.

Meaning im place some bread into the water & hoping they know its food & eat it. Tomorrow plan will be to take them to cleaner more safer place where they all can have more of a 51% chance of making it to adult hood. For 1 in every thousand will make it to adult hood, if you save just 1 turtles you just might save a nation of them, I have and let 1 go early today, hoping all of them will making it to adults hood and have baby turtles them self.1 turtle

Everyone should have another chance to have a fresh start in life, we don’t always get it the 1st time, 2nd 3rd or 4th time, but with willing to do good with positive thinking in life with having another chance we can get it right. Helping the little turtles is so important to me and not knowing if the turtles know that I have they back and im on they side. 12 days away before the BVI Turtles season reopen given the fisher mans the right to hunt and catch turtles.

gumption_4The little turtles are way to young, but if make it to adult hood the cute little turtles will be at risk in be catch in the future season. I 1005 hope by time they get to adult hood that the BVI British Virgin Island will have a 100% ban on Turtles catching in the BVI. The new foundation im working on called (ISPY) I Support Positive youths and working hard to have a positive change in our hometown & hope soon the world.

Change 1st start with self, for self have to be willing to be change, once self agree to change, they self and be a positive on other for change. I made the choice to be a positive change for myself so I can have a impact on others in a positive meaningful way. blog 3

facebook picLets all be change together, not just for us, but for the future. Join us on the mission for Save The Turtles BVI, Facebook Like & shear the page, Its 100% nonprofit and build with the turtles in mind.

Thank you

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15 days befor Turtles soup (End Turtles Season BVI)
$10.00 from every customer will go to the youths of philippines (I Support Positive Youths)


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