13 July 13 - M-3804

Make A Change. If your in the right spot and you can make a change in a positive way then go for it.
I was on the internet one day and all of a sudden my feeds is been taken over by Fitness Food & Style. The reason is trying to get Sir Richard’s attention. She realize I know him or have access to him so she was all over my feeds. Everyday ill login to see post after post about (Please Richard will you come & ride with me if I get 1 million likes to end caner)

I took time out to see what the loud noise is about, when I start to ready I notice this young lady and a bunch of friend hare planning a ride to end cancer. I was not going to get into that, because if I do, and people realize I know Richard very well ill be swamp with request from around the world.

I decide one day to reply to Fitness Food & Style and she turns out one of the most beautiful hear strange I ever meet on the internet. The passion she have to end cancer is one of a kind, I being running a charity myself for cancer I felt her pain and decide to take Action. She was getting people from around the world making sign and posting it tagging every Virgin sight it have just trying to get Richards attention. I ever to make and posted a sign myself.

One day on a beautiful Caribbean sunset Friend Sir Richard posted a blog in supporting to Dani and the others who have taken up this challenge. Today dani and her friends are riding in Australia as they found money to end cancer & helping dose with cancer.

Make a change

windsurf for cancer
A bit of a push could help