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This blog is not the blog you maybe look to read in the case of Tours & turtles stuff. This blog is 100% about a friend who only wanted the chance to sing & record good music.

pressure liveBorn Delyno Brown in St.Thomas USVI, but Known for his stage name “Pressure”, he has been recording music for many years. My 1st time hearing from the artist was back when there was a group called *Star Lion Family* In the late 90′s when they dropped an Album called *Brighter Days* that is still loved by many Virgin Islanders to this day. Even with the little fame he had, it was not good enough for the artist to get heard in a real and true way. The promoters will want to pay the artist less than nothing to sing on stage & when the artist does sing it’s so early so only the people who are setting up are the ones to hear the artist sing along with few friends who will support.

pressure is onTime will pass when *Pressure* will put out his 1st album called *The Pressure is on* words sound & power. In it’s stage when the virgin island people was crying out the artist could not take it any more, in other words the (pipe) burst. Pressure Buss Pipe, *Pressure* for short, has become one of the Virgin Islands loved artists & we all saw he was going to go places one day. Yet with the album being out and having a buzz, that did not change the way the promoters would treat the artist. Yet Some promoters have been fair & others were not.

PRESSUREIn 2007, Delyno Brown aka Pressure, wouldl go global in the grounds of reggae & setting new records while having 97% of all reggae radio shows locked with the Lovers Rock smash hit *Love & Affection* , produced by World know Producer, Don Corleon. Don for short, also produced the beat for Keisha Cole & Sean Paul’sl hit song , “Give it up to me”.

Pressure’s fan base has grown even bigger and he’s now travelling to places you might have only seen in movies or in books. For some one to leave the Virgin Island to go to Japan invited, its a blessing. For someone to Leave the Virgin Islands to be invited to Japan for their talent that’s a really good thing.

Third album will be called (Coming back for you) a lover rock reggaepressure coming back

V.I peace concert 2013 August 31st was a time of my life, As the artist would put together an concert called the (VI Peace concert) with over 30 strong artist, free HIV Testing, sugar & other things that was so needed. No one was left out because admission was free. Some heads of Government & police & other public figures were also present! The peace concert was a Positive move for the artist, as it shows that he does truly care & loves the Virgin peace concert

Today would be 7 years of being on the world stage & still doing what he promise to do if he ever got the chance to do it… Make good music, Virgin Islands Nice.. Not talking about the island this time, how ever the song is, With all the crime & bad government and what’s not happening in the Virgin Islands, I’m very happy that there are still some good things to sing about the Virgin Islands. The Video will be on youtube on the 10th of February 12pm Virgin Islands Time & with in 48 hours it would have over 38,000 views, with 23 of those views being mine :)
Today the 28th of February, 2014, the video will have 72,284 views in just over 2 weeks. I’m very proud of Pressure & the team who was behind this project. pressure virgin islands nice promo

The new album, called (The Sound) will be soon out on hard copy & on iTunes, im asking all reggae lovers, to please youtube for video & interviews.
The artist is still growing & on behalf of myself & the millions of fans world wide, I love to say thanks for making good music.

The entrepreneur will go ahead and found his own record label called (Buss Pipe Records) 2013/2014 and already has more that 30 songs that its hard to chose what goes on the album from not. All those years of hard work and being true to your words, one wonders where you can reach, sometimes all we need is a bit of a push & bit of real support. Entrepreneurship can be learned from so many things.

The European Tour of my brother & mentor starts next month, follow his Twitter @busspipe or Instagram @busspipe for update and more pressure tours

Few of my hits by the artist would be (Love & Affection, Coming back for you, bless my soul, pressure is on, no limitation, VI Sure thing, Jah Love, Just like that, Strongest alive, I wish, Virgin Islands nice, Thinking about you, Touch you, I love you, Reason I love you, Yur Luv, When they come, All is well, Touch the sky, Stand firm, Anointed & my very best *Every thing will be fine*
Have you heard of the artist? If not, do check him out and let me know if you like his music and what song you like most!

PRESSURE & DJ GUMPTIONTo my Friends, Artist, Mentor & Entrepreneur

Traveling for a worthy cause to Las Vegas for the Winter Leadership Retreat 18 dec to 23 dec 2013
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