(ISPY) I Support Positive Youths is 100% build with the youths in mind. Ispy is also a branch of Save The Turtles BVI. I think is just important to get the youths into positive movement that can have an impact on them lives. I support positive youths will be a never ending road for children are being born everyday. We are looking to do many positive action with in the BVI (British Virgin Islands) building self esteem & hope that all things can happen.

Ispy 1st move will on the save the turtles movement where will be looking after our green friends in every way we can. With the help of Sir Richard & Larry page of Google we will have GPS on the turtles and watch them as they venture around the world.

I Support Positive Youths will be making dreams come to life, meaningful dream, not no dream about trying to go to Walt Disney. To me that not really a dream. Im talking about a dream that will change a life forever in a positive & meaningful way.

I Support Positive Youths will need your help in any way you can. Do reach out to us and find out how you can give us a bit of a push.

Support us like our Facebook page and shear with your friends.

A bit of a push could help
Save the Turtles