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clean upOn the 24 of February 2014 I saw a post on the BVI Community Board page about an island clean up & it was love on first sight. I knew this is something that I would love to do & be a part of. Without thinking twice I liked the post & commented with my words “I want to help.” After that I shared the page.

Shortly after, I was contacted by a young entrepreneur, business, activist & friend via Facebook. We got on the phone to discuss more options or groups to work with, but my reply was that the group didn’t matter. I didn’t care. So I joined the Virgin Gorda Auto Club and we went from the Gorda Peak to the “Welcome to North Sound” sign. Wow! That was something! I got to work with faces we all know from both North Sound & the Valley. Together we laughed out loud as we were picking up trash; that kind of energy was so important for it motivate each other while making the soul happy. .gabage 25

I personally wasn’t really shocked or surprised about the amount of garbage there was on the lower side of the road. In other words, let’s just say “Heineken” is the island’s most drank beer. Out of all the different bottles or cans of beers we picked up, we all agreed Heineken beer out runs all the rest. Bottles, paper, car parts, and a refrigerator were just a few of the different items that were picked up or still have to be picked up. The nastiest thing that really got me upset was number of full bags of garbage. I mean full bags from your house garbage or yard garbage bags just tossed over the side of the hills was just the worst. Even more than the people who toss their beers bottles out of their car even. This has to stop!

gabage 27This wonderful initiative was founded by Sasha Flax, Senior Environmental Product Officer at the BVI Tourist. I personally feel it was the good leadership of Sasha Flax that played a key rolled on the Virgin Gorda clean-up movement.

Message to everyone (We collected about 13 bags of trash from the North Sound Lookout Point to the “Welcome to the North Sound” sign! We have to do better as a people and community; local & tourists alike. It takes all of us to take the first stand. Someone did a long time ago. It’s happening in our timing and place of life. When your turn comes, do hold your responsibly & do your part!

We really would love if we could go from 13 bags of trash to 0-5 bags of trash in the next round.
Anyway please help us keep our island clean. A clean island is a happy island.
The initiative was also joined by many other clubs, foundations, businesses, the government & willing people wanting to make a difference… are you?

gabage 4 Kyle Harrigan, President of the Rotary Club of Virgin Gorda, fainted when he saw how much garbage they had picked up From LSL to the basketball court,

gabage 2 Some officers of Virgin Gorda were out doing their part (how them say police don’t work? LOL)

Chief of the Virgin Gorda Fire Department & crew were out there doing their part. The Virgin Gorda Easter Festival Committee also got their clean on gabage 16

gabage 8 The Virgin Gorda Easter Festival Committee also got their clean on.

gabage 10 Is that who I think it is? Well look at her! It’s Virgin Gorda & the British Virgin Islands’ very own & hard-at-work Tourism Director Mrs. Sharon Flax-Mars & the BVI Tourist Board & the Virgin Gorda Village massive going hard!

The Rotary Club of Virgin Gorda, lead by President Kyle Harrigan, on the basket ball court.gabage 14

gabage 12 The Valley Sound Lions Club is also out and helping out. Nice job guys! Some of the

Some of the representatives of Rose’s House Supermarket & House & Home.gabage

gabage 9 Very impressive to see some of the BFEC Secondary school students out, very impressive!

gabage 1 The Rosewood Little Dix Bay Group! They came out in full force!

gabage 11STARR Home and Gardening Works is also helping out!

Guavaberry Spring Bay Vacation Homes and Bowline Charters! gabage 15

Island Wide Clean Up Day 2!!!! Nail Bay Resort in full swing! Driftwood Resortsgabage 17

Dive BVI cleaning from Savannah Bay to Mango Bay’s entrance!!!! They got about 10 bags! gabage 18

One of the members of the Virgin Gorda Auto Club! They are out with Gumption from Sea it Clear Glass Bottom boats cleaning from Gorda Peak to “Welcome to the North Sound” sign. gabage 20

gabage 24 Not forgetting North Sound & Sea It Clear Glass Bottom very own “Gumption” If you see it, you should pick it up!

A bag of garbage up in a tree below the road. gabage 22

gabage 23 A full bag of house trash that has been busted open showing its house items tossed below on the road.

gabage 7 Did a bar used to be here?

This is my best photo taken on this wonderful initiative because it doesn’t matter who’s in the photo, all that matters most is what the person is doing. Please help us, don’t litter! gabage 21

Thanks to everyone for coming out & doing their part.

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