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The time is now if we really want to save the Turtles in the BVI. The time is now if we would like to see the turtles in a few years to come. November 30th the season that should not have been there in the 1st place or should have been bad along time a go will be in 100% Effect as of the 30TH of November 2013. November 30th fisherman who has been catching turtles in the close season on a Down low will no long have to hide. As of the 30th of November the fisherman’s have alright to go out and catch as much turtles as they can till the 1st of April 2014 just about over 4 full months of catching Turtles.

Its sad that the BVI people still let this be a law in the British Virgin Islands, & its more sad that the British Virgin Island Government still let this be a law with all the conservation studies it have on Data. The tourist who also visit the Caribbean also plays a roll in this sick adventure. The fisher man will use the Turtle shell as a cash crop and have you the tourist buy a craft that was made from the shell or the shell it self. If you the people who love to vacation in the Caribbean love to ocean & love swimming with Turtles and realize how beautiful they are, you just might need to stop support Turtle products.

The locals even my family have been hunting turtles for years & years and it was a part of the culture. They will get the turtle for food & likewise the shell to keep or to sell to a tourist. I as a young local, and part of the Future would like to change the taboo about the turtles & hope to have the BVI on our sides.

I very lucky to have Green thinker & at Virgin knows as DR.Yes Sir Richard Branson on board this wonderful cause. Richard has 100% committed to help me in anyway he can, Richard not being a local cant be the upfront guy, but I can and will stand up for our little Green friends. Checkout Richard Branson Blog about the Turtles and how im planning to help ( )

The turtles that are protected on the shorelines of the USA & other places where they is 100% no hunting of turtles are full safe there, “but” when the turtles leave your shorelines, and swim to a place called the BVI (British Virgin Island) im sorry but the truth is your beloved turtles might be turtle soup, with a pair of ear rings or the shell on some ones wall at they hotel/house ect.
St.Jhonn USVI (United States Virgin Island is very much in the BVI as much as the BVI in the (U.S.V.I). Over on STJ the turtles are protected because its part of the USA. lucky did they know, the Turtles that they fight and protect swim to the BVI very often and one day might not return back to the (U.S.V.I)

How can you help? by tagging your turtles from your shorelines that no matter where they go, people can see a tag and hope to leave it alone. Another way might be writing or called our BVI Government, the National Part trust even the BVI Tourist Board over & over & over & over till they change the law. Most people will not realize how beautiful the turtles are till they see one in person in the wild, pond, lake or ocean. If you love to snorkel or dive, you knows the beauty of swimming with a turtle.

we need your help. We as in Sea It Clear Glass Bottom Boat has started a new charity that has being run for the last 8 months. (Save The Turtles BVI) where we would like to ban Turtle season in the BVI. Its sad that in 2013 we still hunt turtles in the BVI. Our website is 90% done just need to get it register as a Non-Profit can anyone help us do this? I have 2 blog post made by Virgin Founder Sir Richard Branson that I will posted in the comment box. Lets end turtles season in the BVI so the next set of youths can see the beautiful Turtles in years to come.

Thanks to all who had kindly join us on or who’s standing up for the turtles world wide, for one its hard, but together we can make a change. Massive thank you to our Team who’s helping Gumption/ Sea It Clear in anyway they can, your support is very much needed. (Thank You)

Just END Turtles Season BVI

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