Everyone should be given a chance. Virgin Gorda is a bit more beside just being a tourist destination with sailing, beaches & bars, But it is also the place Hidden talent is waiting to be discovered. Just over two years ago a young Coach decided to take it upon himself self and started a foundation called *Raw SkillZ Track Club* & take my word, those youths do have Raw skills. The foundation just don’t teach track but teaches mentorship & leadership where with positive attitude & positive vision can have a positive reality. As fast as the youth/s might be with bad attitude they wouldn’t be on the team. There forth is a positive mind training life changing mission.After being in Las Vegas for the winter leadership retreat in dec 2013 I understand the importance of mentorship & support.

The coach and the youths have been working hard all season. The team have a chance in going to the United States to Miami June 13Th to the 15Th 2014. .track

The hard working team has been invited to the 39th annual Northwest Track & Field classic in Miami.
Its in our right and best efforts to make this dream a reality to help the hard working youths make the awesome trip to the states. Our next superstar is right there in the movement & must be give a chance.

gumption_4From Today the 11th of march to 11th of April 2014 $10 from every customer will go into doing whatever it take to get them to Miami. I Support Positive Youths would need to close down if we did not join this adventure.

The Coach & Team have our 100% support & we ask for yours as well. In just one 1st day we already found $100.00 from just $10 off each guest on sea it clear. I too can recalled when I was in school and was trying to get sponsor to St.Thomas for coral world, I was not supported, but I’m in a place where I can give support & we going to do just that. I’m asking to supports us, the Worlds next fastest runner just might be from Virgin Gorda the island of possible things. I Support Positive Youths! do you?

Best of luck Coach & The track team.


If you see it, you should really pick it up "if you can" keep Virgin Gorda Clean
Hope for a change to be started, until then swim turtle swim


Born in the city of New York & grew up on the island of Virgin Gorda. I had a dream & one day I met Sir Richard Branson & everything became a reality. Hi, I'm Gumption & welcome to my Blog Spot.