turtle drawing 001

Perfect work of art is what I called it on the 1st sighting of the drawing I got from a little
girl who was on one of our night tours. The full moon of October 2013 would be more than just a full moon, it would be a Night to never forget. I took a little girl name Jane out to the reef with her mom, dad and big brother as well. On the tour we counted 13 turtles in over 3-4 different spots. At one point we so perfectly over a Nice Green turtle and everything change after that.

She was so in love with the turtles that she make sure her father booked another trip with us before they depart the BVI the very next day. The 2nd time with counted 9-10 turtles. She would go ahead & draw me a Green Turtles that is 100% fine art & perfect art. The drawing will be used in founding money for ( A non-profit of We be using the Art work on T-Shirts, Post cards just to name a few. The Drawing of the turtle will be part of the Sea It Clear Growing and in years to come will be auction for the perfect price having all the money goes to Save the Turtles BVI. For now its will remain in a frame where I will be proudly be hang up at my house.

Simple thing can change people lives, and make them see life from a different point of view. I am very sure no matter where she goes, if they are hurting turtles they she will stand up for they rights, I know when ever you hear the sea from a conch shell, she will think about her trip with us. When ever someone ask her what was the best part about being on vacation, she will say Being on Gumption’s glass bottom boat where I saw & counted 13 Green Turtles.

perfect Art by Jane & Gumption love it and when ever you get back to the BVI ask me for it, ill be happy to show it to you.
love & keep smiling, it is beautiful just like your soul.

Gumption p.s did I mention its a (Perfect Work Of Art)

When do you know when you have a good product?
Just End Turtles Season BVI


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