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charity/ˈtʃarɪti/noun,charity; plural noun: charities organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.”the charity provides practical help for homeless people”
synonyms: non-profit-making organization, non-profit organization, not-for-profit organization, voluntary organization, charitable institution; More fund, trust, foundation, cause, movement “they raised money for an AIDS charity”

philanthropy, humanitarianism, humanity, altruism, public-spiritedness, social conscience, social concern, benevolence, benignity, beneficence, generosity, magnanimity, munificence, largesse; unselfishness, selflessness, self-sacrifice, self-denial “his actions are rooted in self-interest rather than charity”

I personally think that we should not only let charities be done by Rich people or Celebrities. most would say they have the money so let them do it. But I will say doing something noble to your hometown or the world as small as it can be is a charity. Not every charity needs money for the cause, some just need some man or woman power help. If you have a skills & it can be use in making a change, if your donate your time for just a few, you will see that you little bit of time can make a big different in your hometown or the world.

I am just over age 30 and from age 25 I have started my 1st charity called (Windsurfing for the cause) Where I will windsurf & bring the problem about cancer to a brighter light. Yet while doing this I was living paycheck to paycheck & really could not afford to really do a charity. Today October 2013 im the founder and CEO of the Caribbean Most Active Glass Bottom Boat and not doing perfect, but doing better than I was doing when I was 25 of age. Since I been in business I started 2 new charities. One of the charity im working on is called Save the turtles BVI, where we working hard on banning the catching of the turtles in the BVI. 2nd charity will be called (I Support Positive Youths) where its important to invest into the youths and help them to maintain a good status & dream big on life, while making them dreams a reality.

The 2 charity was not inspire by anyone super know or rich person, it was a self calling to myself & a mission I chose to pick up with or without the help of celebrities, even without the help of my good friend Sir Richard Branson. There is a lot of hard working people who’s making under regular pay or just a nice rate and still use they time or money to make some bit of different in they hometown or the world.

I can 100% say that because I meet a lot of people who’s no were close in be a movie start or an award winning artist and makes tons of money, “but” the different they make, makes most celebrities look & feel bad. Some will wake up everyday, even drive into some part of town where they know there is a chance they might not get out, for the cause of good, they will risk it all. Anyone can do something small that can have an impact of others or the world.

If someone with lots of money can donate some money for a cause that is always a good thing, Another way I think a Celebrities can help small people who’s making a different is using they public status in promoting the cause. Take myself Richard Branson, If I were to send a message on Twitter for my charity about cancer or save the turtles BVI I will only hit 24 people, But if Richard send me a shout out on his twitter he will reach 5.8 million in one twitter message, after that his follower will re-twittie it to they follower and its and on a& one movement. Once its out there people will visit the page and if its fit they will donate.

For my cause it do take money to get it up and running, “but” lucky for me, I have meet people with the skills I need in getting the word out for the cause & up to now I have not spend not $1.00. Take the Gumption’s Blog, The Gumption’s Blog is a start of the art blog, that is cooler that Sir Richard’s Blog, very well put together & yet, I have not spend not $1.00 on getting it stated. If I was sent a bill, im sure I have money in my account to pay for it, not from my pocket & THAT WAS DONE THANKS TO Kevin Lafound of Charter Advisor and a resident of Texas USA.

Save the Turtles BVI website, another millstone website for a good cause, again being doing not by a rich person or a famous, but by someone who’s making a living and just want to help make a different in the world. Diana Mize of the USA have donate her time to make us what we be a start of the Art Website, again I have not yet spend $1.00 and if I was sent a bill I maybe able to pay for it from my bank account, but not from pocket change. As crazy as it will sound, today in the world will still have humans who just want to make a different in anyway they can, also long as its positive.

Should we only have charities be done by celebrities or Rich people? NO we should not, If there is something to be done & if you can help in anyway you can, and if the help comes from your heart and you fail, the truth is, you did not fail, you did your best to make a change. For one person its hard, but together we can all make a different in our hometown or the world.


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