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Gift, who say’s a gift with meaning have to be an expensive Gift? To me, a gift with meaning should be a gift from the heart, you might pay of it, but its important its from the heart. In sometime 2010 I would have gift made for Richard that would end up one of the best gift of the year.

I been racing in a world class windsurfing event called the HIHO (Hang In Hold On) Each year Necker Island (Richard) would sponsor me $500.00 that I was very proud of.
Sometime in 2010 I would have a board cut out and gather a half of bucket of shells that was found on the beach, however the shells was not collected over night.

would put the board and shells to work with some exclusive photos of the Windsurfing event, Richard and I, Sam Branson & Gordo who was the Island Manager at the time. One night myself and local staff from both Necker & Bitter End yacht Club would gather at the Fat Virgin Café for dinner, Not knowing Richard would pop up, & that he did, (Perfect)

I present Richard the gift that he feel in love with and was thanking me every second about how simple and beautiful it is. Today the gift can be found in the very known Necker Island Water Sports hut with other cool photos, “but” mine was & still the best.

It was the words that was written on it, that really got his attention. After 3+ years, I can still recalled the words written on it & it goes like this. (Dear Richard, thank you & your hard working staff for making my dreams come through, without you & your hard working loving staff I wound not have had the great moments to cherish now & for ever, I wish you nothing best the best for 2010 & beyond 1 love 1 heart Virgin Rasta Limited Edition (Dread Racer)

Simple things with heavy meaning, don’t have to be expensive, it only have to be from the heart. The next time you chose to buy someone a gift, not matter how much money you have or not have, its more important and will last longer if it’s 100% from the heart.


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