Don’t not talk to strangers, one of the lines we all herd grown up and still at this point being used. Where should this apply & be in effect? As far as my mind can recalled I never really keep the (Never take to stranger rule) yet I can say im kinder happy I did not.

I’m not tell you to just walk up to some random person every turn you make, But by saying hi to a stranger can be a life changing experience. The key before you come to the point of saying hi or given your name to a strange you would feel a vibes of scene that you both cross parts before in another life time, both spirit have agreed and very relax with each other, if that was not the case, you get a cold vibes and you will know for sure to keep far from the stranger.

Being in business or even before I had a business I been meeting strangers, Living in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) & being a tourist hit location all that visit us for the 1st time are strangers & depends on how it goes with the myself and the tourist before they leave you will be friends & promise when the tourist come again, he or she will no longer be stranger, but be friends.

I have meet some wonderful people who visit the BVI not as strangers, for they been here before, but strangers to my business called Sea It Clear Glass Bottom Boat & from the moment we meet we can feel the vibes that everything was going to be fine or as we say in the Caribbean everything (Ire).

Kevin Lafond, who I thought was just another walking spam, like the mail we get in email we never really want. Here is why, I been getting spam mail from all over the world who want to sell me something, they will called my phone even write on my facebook wall, but will never give in. But meeting Kevin Lafond was one of the most wonderful & amazing human I have meet on the male side of my life. We click, I mean like lock and key, bees to a hive, His mind set about life is no different from mine and we have the same view about life & if we both can make a change for positive in our hometown of the world, we both would any day. Matter a fact, Kevin Lafond and his hard working staff is the reason for the Gumption’s Blog & hold the records for the longest blog ever written about me on (Charter Advisor) & the logo for the (Ispy) I Support Positive Youths) Im very happy Kevin also broken the (Don’t Talk to stranger rule) From today we are like family.gumption_4

Dont’ talk to strangers, Im very happy Diana Mize & her family also broken this rule and decide to jump the broom. Diana was a pass guest of our boat and if I recalled she work’s as a environmental engineer, but when it comes to the life of Turtles, you don’t want to mess with her, she’s the Diana 007 and she’s dont joke. A stranger who’s now like a big sister to me is doing what big sisters should do help and look out for her little brother. Diana have the skills of making website & is make us as in we, (for not one person is an island) a website called (Save The Turtles BVI) for free. This is being done by someone who was 1st a stranger, but now family and part of the the turtles website 2

Sometimes, just sometimes saying hi to a strange just can be one of the most positive things your ever done in your life time. I know the world is crazy & they is crazy people out there, but its all about the vibes you will feel, listen to your spirit and be humble your answer be clear to you, its a feeling that only you can feel for yourself. Its like there is a party tonight & you been planning for months, right before leaving you get the vibes to stay home and chilled, so you stay home and chilled) Or the you want to go to the beach because the sun is hot, but after you reach to the beach you notice the wave are big and the sea is rough, or you just might be a surfer and you get a vibes that keep of the water today, its not worth it. The vibes you get 1st 99.9% most time the right vibes.

Strangers who never really stranger are really friends/family from a different part & time of life, you will feel them vibes & will know if they are good people of not, many work with people for years and to this point still don’t feel a good vibes from they co-worker to invite them over for dinner.

To meet the strangers who are like family or friends the key will be (Placing yourself Around Good people and get good results) Im a witness & everything will be ire.


commitment to the turtles that Visit the British Virgin Islands 10/30/2013
Swim turtles Swim (British Virgin Islands) Turtles season open in 28 days


Born in the city of New York & grew up on the island of Virgin Gorda. I had a dream & one day I met Sir Richard Branson & everything became a reality. Hi, I'm Gumption & welcome to my Blog Spot.



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