In just 28 more day’s on the 30th of November the British Virgin Islands turtle season re-open with all rights for the local fisher man with fishing license to catch turtles. Even, yet with the season being close from April 1st to November 30th, they are proof photo’s taken by other locals of the BVI who was not please with the matter.

Im not trying to start a war between myself and the locals of the BVI, im just asking them to look at the bigger picture for the next 15 to 20 years. The Turtles should be a Logo of the BVI, or yet the World, for the journey of a turtles will be like a story with happy, but most time sad ending. I recently watch the Adventures of Sammy 1 & 2 and to be truthful even being an adult watch animations I still enjoy the movie as dear you to watch It as well.

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Im very lucky to have Virgin rebel for a cause Sir Richard Branson on our side and have given his full support, its not to benefit him Richard, but a bigger brighter picture, it’s to benefit the British Virgin Islands in the long run.

The turtles that your protecting out side the BVI have 28 days to leave and vacation on st. Jhonn or St.Thomas, any were but the BVI, if they do & no buts about it, but! if they do stay, im afraid in this day and age the turtle have a 70% of being soup with the shell making something that the Tourist will 4

Swimming turtles swim, for you only have 28 days to leave the BVI, it was good seeing and doing business with you, but im afraid the Government of the BVI still wont ban the fisherman from getting you. Show some support if you support us in this mission, please like & Shear our Facebook Page (Save The Turtles BVI) Thanks.

Swim Turtle Swim.


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