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(ISPY) I Support Positive Youths is 100% build with the youths in mind. Ispy is also a branch of Save The Turtles BVI. I think is just important to get the youths into positive movement that can have an impact on them lives. I support positive youths will be a never ending road for children are being born everyday. We are looking to do many positive action with in the BVI (British Virgin Islands) building self esteem & hope that…

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When starting a new business or adventure it will always be good if we were to get a bit of a push as a head start. I was not only given a bit of a push, but was given a jump start with my new business. Friend for over 15 years SRI Richard Branson using his public status to give me the push I need to get my business going. 6 months later Richard & Larry page (CEO) of Google…

13 July 13 - M-3804

Make A Change. If your in the right spot and you can make a change in a positive way then go for it. I was on the internet one day and all of a sudden my feeds is been taken over by Fitness Food & Style. The reason is trying to get Sir Richard’s attention. She realize I know him or have access to him so she was all over my feeds. Everyday ill login to see post after post…


I have been windsurfing for the last 15 years. I spend the 5 year competing in events. I recently stop competing in race and took up a new challenge. Windsurfing for dose that have cancer in any way sharp or form. I’m very passion about people and life its self & love to help in anyway I can help. If I’m bless with a skill & want to use that skills for good only. The last 5 years of racing…


It takes gumption to become an entrepreneur. You need to show initiative, bravery and resourcefulness. Here is myself title Move called Gumption. After this you will see & know why I’m called Gumption. The movie Gumption was directed and produce by Dane Hunter an upcoming producer who’s goal is the be the best in making movies. At his age, ill say he’s already ahead of himself. Do enjoy Gumption

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