necker cupThe 2013 Necker Cup on Sir Richard Branbson Island was not like any other tennis games in the world. The fine people who planned & work their butts off to make it happen, to the players themselves for being part of the event mostly the Guest that paid to be apart of the event.

bo9a0611My life was once again on its way in changing as I was invited to be apart of the Necker Cup mostly apart of the Biggest party on earth called the End Of the World Party where Jimmy Buffett bring the house down. It was at the same party I would meet a man by the name of Ryan Wolfington, who was not like any other guest I meet at the event. Out of 300 people he was maybe 1 of 5 who was not drunk for he don’t drink.

We had a talk that would open his eyes and that talk would be the same story I tell in interviews & to people in how I meet Richard & got my business started. He was so pulled in to it he did not care to meet any pro tennis player/Actors/Actress or any one celebrity, he just want to sit and talk & meet Gumption.

no quit logoRyan Wolfington run’s a camp in Las Vegas Nevada called the (Marty Hennessy the tennis foundation) where they motive young youths & adults in positive change with Tennis/ Education/ Positive thinking/ Good food & Rest. The foundation is 10 years and the 2013 they had a record of 85 student from age 10 – 30 (me) being the oldest.

no quit 1When I was 1st invited after a weeks of meeting Ryan who was with Trent and friends on Saba Rock resort in the British Virgin Islands about being a guest speaker at the Winter Leadership Retreat in Las Vegas I was Blown away. After days of thinking about it because its the high season and just days before Christmas and I have a glass bottom boat and can be losing business. I decide to venture out to Las Vegas because I rather lose money than to lose a child & that was the mind set I went from the BVI to Las Vega with. (However after contacting friends in the BVI they told be the winds been high & the sea water been rough and its just raining) *Perfect*

las vegas

Las Vegas would not be in the top 30 pick if I was to venture out to the USA, I found it bit strange that I was going to Las Vegas myself, for if I ever did visit Vegas it would be to gamble & party till sunrise, “well that’s what I grown up knowing & seeing on TV Vegas is about. It never once hit me that my 1st time ever to Vegas would be a guest speaker at the Winter Leadership Retreat on a cause for positive.

20131220_125146Location location location “beautiful” peaceful” clean” fresh breezy and very humble. the Hilton on the lake in Navada should be your top pick if ever spending time in Las Vegas Stay out side of the strip & being by the lake it give you a different feeling and thinking about Las Vegas, there is so much to do without going close to the strip, don’t get me wrong, It was fun to see the strip in person than in movies, the light and everything was very cool, but it was the high hills & mountains by lake is what had my attention. Every student have an awesome story and facing many things just like every other person, some even think about Quitting but never did.

mike bryanThe foundation has given scholarship to so many students who change they old ways of doing things and the new ways with positive thinking & mostly by not Quitting. Team Bryan the twins brother best twin brothers on earth in tennis is a huge part of the foundation, but even with the Byran brothers the foundation still needs a bit more help. Visit their website and you find for yourself the true meaning of (No Quit).

20131221_124637I have learn a thing or 2 from almost everyone at the event, I was welcome,I become part of the family of No Quit and promise to always be a motive & do what ever I can to make sure The foundation is strong and never move. Each and everyone is family & group of people living together as 1, with positive thinking & placing yourself around good people & eating drinking healthy with good rest you will get good results in life, most important No Quit.

20131219_085440Thank you for the invite & looking forward for more invite
Gumption p.s Im guessing it was a bit to much pizza order :) pizza

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$10.00 from every customer will go to the youths of philippines (I Support Positive Youths)
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