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Have you ever been out on a glass bottom boat at night? You should give us a try and bet you will love it. The night owls what we should called them at night. The turtles with they big droopy eyes and innocent look of they face will make you fall in love with the turtles.

Where we go at night is called turtles Ally for we promise the least amount of turtles you will see is 5 with the most being 17 and the recent as of October 2013 (13) turtles. The turtles at night is a must watch event & promise to be your best trip as well loved tour ever.
When you book a Trips with us to the reef 25% of your money goes back to the same turtles that you will see. We are working on protecting the turtles by all means, but dew to the fact in the BVI British Virgin Islands in turtles we cant do so much because the fisherman have legal right to catch as many turtles as they like.

The money you spend will go into tracking GPS & other means where concern and important.
The save the turtles program is 100% with the turtles on mind & 100% nonprofit. Each time you buy something with a turtles from our gift shop 30% goes to the turtles. I am and Sea It Clear glass bottom boat is 100% committed to the Turtles 100% & ask for your support by Liking & Shearing out facebook page or booking a tour with us or why not just do both of them.facebook pic

Your change can make a different in the world, lets make a change for a positive tomorrow so the next generation can see & swim with the beautiful turtles world wide. The turtles at night will be one of the best sighting you will not feel sorry about doing “but” will feel sorry that you did not.
I dear you to book a night tour with us.


Thank you for your service
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