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What is it like to be friends with billionaire Sir Richard Branson? That is the question I get just about from everyone who knows we are friends.
Being friends with Sir Richard Branson or Richie as I would called him is like being friends with my friends who’ not a billionaire. I known Richard for more than 15th years from a little everyday island boy growing up on Virgin Gorda. Our friendship with have been a seed planted by his son Sam Branson.

when I 1st meet Sam he was just about to be 13th & I would have already been having a part time job at the Bitter End Yacht Club working at the resort water sports. Sam love for the ocean & my love for the ocean was already (in common) our exchange of names will take place & we will go on to being friends.
I very sure I would have herd who his dad was within the day or days apart, but im 100% sure it did not bother me or make me like him more. Do recalled when I was 1st invited to stay over on the island & I said yes, Just after hi5 15/16th birthday saw was coming to pick me up at night and hit the reef and I think the boat did get puncher & he did get hurt a bit, (I Felt bad) like taken a shower and your mother walk in on you bad bad about what had happen to him.
Days later the manager of Necker picked me up & give me a 1st class ride over to the island. (WOW), but the truth is, it was not like a wow wow im at Necker Island, to me, it was like just being on a island off Virgin Gorda.


Sitting for dinner in the 1st main house we was talking Richard I, & I can still remember when he ask me what I would like to do, I can truly say on my father grave is did mention the glass bottom boat, some where along the line. Dinner was lovely & the sleep after was the best part.

If I do recalled my 1st time meeting Richard will be when he was over at the BEYC (Bitter End Yacht Club) Sunday Brunch, I said hi and keep on moving.
He seen very human & normal to me, Or maybe I was not seen what other were seeing, but I know I seen & meet the father of my new friend Sam.
Years & years & years will pass & I will go on being A very Good windsurfer & entering Windsurfing event called (H.I.H.O) and from the 1st to the last event,
Each time I send a letter to Richard or Necker Island for sponsorship I will always gets $500.00 & 2 Virgin Logs & to me that mean a lot to me.
Forget the money, but to be sailing with the Virgin log was and still a big deal.

I have grown im older and planning my life, by this point im old enough to know what a billionaire is by now, & like back back way back then, it still don’t matter to me. That was the kind of vibes that made Richard & I so close, we he know I did not care about what they say he is in the media (Richard Branson, billionaire, jump out of air plain, hot air balloon and stuff, to me it was just Richie. At this point im friends with the Branosn’s From his mom right down the line. never bother me they were good people & very human.


By this point your waiting for the exciting part like (do you go flying off on his private jet, do you be at all his house party, do you both go rock jumping, or speed around in his boat ect ect ect. But to be truthful, it not like that, its more mellow moods, yet, we had some wonderful adventure and still having a wonderful a wonderful adventure. The adventure of being just friends. Yes we sail together and have zoom off 1 or 2 times but, its was just being friends.

Richard help me out as a friend with my lone, he use his Public Profile Status as a Billionaire to help my by business & charity to the world & thats good.
Friends help friend. If I need any real help I know its just an phone called or Email away. its good to have him by side but its more important to have him as a friend. My 1st time googleing Richard with be 2 months after I got the loan from him, I always know he was big, just was not expecting the pages & after pages and video after video of Richard Branson, & im cool, that sweet.

What I really want to say is that, being friends with Richard Branson is the seam treatment I give to my friends & people I meet, & I know a large number of people who will say Gumption is the real deal. To me it don’t matter what you have, its matter who you are as a person. Im not the type who will run down a known artist, actor or whatever, to me that’s your job, its work, to me its who you are when the stage light are off and no one is looking. Real people do real things. If you are known & can use your fame for change in a positive way to the world then you should do it.

Sometimes I forget Richard is a Billionaire and just see him as Richie as person with intention of changing the world in a positive way & who hope the world can live in love together as one kinder person.

Being friends with a Billionaire don’t matter to me, being friends with Richard Branson Sweeeeeeeeet.


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Born in the city of New York & grew up on the island of Virgin Gorda. I had a dream & one day I met Sir Richard Branson & everything became a reality. Hi, I'm Gumption & welcome to my Blog Spot.