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Have you ever heard of Necker Island? It’s the Island retreat of Billionaire, Sir Richard Branson. May 2013, Richard allowed me to be the only person to bring people onto his private Island for a experience of a life time using my glass bottom boat.

Sea It Clear & Richard Branson teamed up for what is called “Gumptions Wildlife Tour Limited Edition”. Giving up to 2 hours maximum of an exclusive Island pass, to see the Lemurs, Flamingos, Ibis & much more for a very reasonable price. The funds collected from this adventure goes directly to the Lemur program, helping Lemurs on Necker Island and abroad.

With a new build, the price for staying on Necker Island is $60,000 for 24 hours However, you can book with Sea It Clear for the slow season price of $60.00 per adult & $30.00 per child (Ages 5-13). High season prices will be $80.00 per adult & $40.00 per child (Ages 5-13).

Since we started the Necker Tour, we have been getting request from around the world from guest who want to visit the BVI on holiday vacations.

Limited Edition, meaning at any time Necker Island Can Infact Go Back To Being Fully Private. So take advantage of the lifetime chance to visit one of the most talked about Islands in the British Virgin Islands. Call Or Send Us An Email. You request it, We make It Happen.

Good luck
(Sea It Clear)

In season pricing in effect as of 22nd October
Taste of the Caribbean (meal) at the Fat Virgin Cafe


Born in the city of New York & grew up on the island of Virgin Gorda. I had a dream & one day I met Sir Richard Branson & everything became a reality. Hi, I'm Gumption & welcome to my Blog Spot.