I have been windsurfing for the last 15 years. I spend the 5 year competing in events. I recently stop competing in race and took up a new challenge. Windsurfing for dose that have cancer in any way sharp or form. I’m very passion about people and life its self & love to help in anyway I can help. If I’m bless with a skill & want to use that skills for good only.

The last 5 years of racing I’m bless to have each year a sponsor from Sir Richard Branson & Necker Island. Both have been part of my life growing up. Being a local in the British Virgin Island and just living 3 islands away from Richard’s Island it was only Right that a person like myself reach out to Richard & when I reached out, Richard reach right back to me.

My goal is the Have an sailing event in the BVI that will found money for cancer or money to have someone who’s in need help or even have a BVI islander send off to school to learn more about cancer & maybe find a cure to killed cancer once & for all.

I promise as long as they is cancer I will forever be doing my part to help in anyway I can.
Will need your help. You can 1st star by liking and shearing my page . its 100% non-profit.

Thank you

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